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John Hurt 01/22/1940-01/25/2017

Sinful Davey.jpgA Man For All Seasons.gif10 Rillington Place.jpgCry of the Penguins.jpgThe Pied Piper.jpgAlien.jpgMidnight Express.jpgThe Elephant Man.jpgScandal.jpgI, Claudius.jpgHeaven's Gate.jpgNineteen Eighty Four.jpgChampions.jpgThe Naked Civil Servant.jpgThe Hit.jpgRob Roy.jpgV for Vendetta.jpgHellboy.jpgHarry Potter logo.pngIndiana Jones Crystal Skull.jpgTinker Tailor Soldier Spy.pngJackie.png

I am very sad to learn that the great British actor John Hurt has died. It is all the more upsetting because I just saw Jackie last night and he gave his customary performance – authentic, technically perfect, emotive, affecting. I had the great good pleasure of interviewing him some years ago and he couldn’t have been a more perfect subject:  witty, erudite, gentlemanly, thoughtful,  insightful about his own approach to work and his contribution to cinema – and all delivered in one of the greatest voices you could ever hear. Vaya con dios.

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