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Emmanuelle Riva 02/24/1927-01/27/2017

Hiroshima mon amour.jpgLeon Morin.jpgTherese Desqueyroux.jpgThomas l'imposteur.jpgLes risques du metier.jpgLes yeux la bouche.jpgThree Colours Blue.jpgVenus Beauty Institute.jpgLe Skylab.jpgAmour.jpgMarie and the Misfits.jpg

How sad that the legendary French actress Emmanuelle Riva should die just a few weeks before her 90th birthday. But how wonderful that this marvellous talent should be remembered principally with the word ‘amour’ attached to her name. She made history in every sense in the landmark Hiroshima mon amour (1959, Resnais); and again by being nominated aged 85 for an Academy Award for her performance in Amour (2012, Haneke). Both are extraordinary films in so many ways but Hiroshima holds a special place in my heart as my full introduction to French modernism – what a jaw dropping film, especially for a teenager. Pretentious, moi? Mais oui! Riva was a darling of the French auteurs and acted for Melville, Franju, Pontecorvo, Kieslowski, Bellochio and those great ladies Tonie Marshall and Julie Delpy. But she was an actress with a hinterland, boasting an impressive theatre career, taking exhibit-worthy photographs and she published poetry too. She said, I wanted to live another life and many lives at once. Acting makes you live plenty of lives. She did just that. RIP. With amour.


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