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Bill Paxton 05/17/55-02/25/17

Bill Paxton 2013 Comic Con.jpgpaxton-stripesPaxton Lords of Discipline.jpgPaxton Streets of Fire.jpgPaxton Impulse.jpgPaxton Terminator.jpgPaxton Weird Science.jpgPaxton Commando.jpgPaxton Aliens.jpgPaxton Near Dark.jpgPaxton Predator 2.jpgPaxton One False Move.JPGPaxton Tombstone.jpegPaxton True Lies.pngPaxton Apollo 13.jpgpaxton-twisterpaxton-titanicPaxton Simple Plan.jpgPaxton Mighty Joe Young.jpgpaxton-u571Paxton Thunderbirds.jpgPaxton Greatest Game.JPGPaxton Million Dollar Arm.jpgPaxton Big Love.pngPaxton Hatfield McCoy.jpg

Bill Paxton, pretty much the perfect actor, has died. Killed by Alien, Predator and the Terminator. Too, too sad. Vaya con Dios.


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