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Get a Job (2016)

Get a Job poster

College grad Miles Teller has a job in video production lined up at LA Weekly – until he doesn’t cos they’re downsizing even after he interned for them for free two straight summers. Girlfriend Anna Kendrick has a responsible well-paying position – until she gets fired, and winds up living with him and his drug buddies. Meanwhile Teller’s dad Bryan Cranston loses his job and has to put his positive thinking into job hunting. Teller gets a job making in-your-face employment ads for men just like him.  Roomie Christopher Mintz-Plasse is developing an iStalkU app which culminates in a toilet debacle. This sat on the shelf for four years and if it tries hard to be a witty comment on snowflakes/millennials it has to rise above some nasty casting (who likes these people?!) and no real character development, just a series of comic misadventures and some payback against nasty boss Marcia Gay Harden but no true resolution. Written by Kyle Pennekamp and Scott Turpel, directed by Dylan Kidd.



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