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Collateral (2004)

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Michael Mann took digital to a new level with this limpid portrait of nighttime LA in a story of taxi driver Max (Jamie Foxx) whose latest ride is hitman Vincent (Tom Cruise) carrying out a clutch of killings. His last mark is a prosecutor (Jada Pinkett Smith) whom the driver gave a ride and wants to save. Stylish, lean and beautifully written by Stuart Beattie, this is a perfect mesh of star performance and genre, heading for a climax almost out of Jean-Pierre Melville with two contrasting characters struggling with the fallout from their occupations. Made with care, this is a pretty perfect film.

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7 responses to “Collateral (2004)

  1. William

    Are writing about every single Tom movie right now? Or just some of them? Some of these Tom movies are playing on Aussie TV at the moment but some are not 😦 but when are you going to be writing about Magnolia?

    • I write as I watch … and there’s a season on here now. Magnolia has been on in the wee small hours and I started watching it the other night and conked out. I’m wrecked from watching election and disaster coverage so I may see it
      tomorrow night … or not!

      • William

        OK, I guess we’ll see then but that’s my fave of his stuff!

      • He’s superb and the performing standout as Frank Mackie in a film which I think is … overlong! Certainly at 3AM … It’s probably the last time he really stretched his acting chops though he’s brilliant in Collateral …

      • William

        Oh yeah, yeah! He’s really not done anything this again or after this movie and some would say it’s a pity. I didn’t think it was too long or anything but maybe because it’s Paul Thomas Anderson as the director and it’s always something like that and I love his stuff but watching any movie 3AM does sound a bit like madness!

  2. William

    So you write as you watch it? I didn’t think of that, I try doing a movie post this past month but fail totally! Maybe I’ll re-watch it a second time and give that ago and revisit and edit what I’ve already got, it’s still in drafts. Go any other movie writing tips?

    • What I mean is it really is a diary… and I usually write my snarky personal comment directly afterwards but there are quite a few films I don’t write about at all. I re-view films I love quite a bit and frequently fall asleep watching Robert Downey Jr. It’s comforting!!

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