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Powers Boothe 06/1/1948-05/14/2017

PB Guyana Tragedy.jpgPB Philip MarlowePB Southern ComfortPB Red Dawn.jpgPB Extreme Prejudice.jpgPB Tombstone.jpegPB Nixon.jpgPB U Turn.jpgPB Attila.jpgPB Sin City.jpgPB Deadwood.jpgPB Hatfields and McCoys.jpgPB Nashville.pngPB Sin City A Dame to Kill For.jpgPB Agents of SHIELD.jpg

The great character actor Powers Boothe has died aged 68. I thought he was an awful lot older – partly because he’s been in my life so long and mainly on TV, starting with his truly brilliant impersonation of madman Jim Jones and then the Philip Marlowe series. Only a few film directors truly grasped his potential so it was on the small screen where his work could expand and be properly appreciated. This talented Texan was a joy to watch. Vaya con Dios.


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