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Happy 100th Birthday Dean Martin! Born 06/07/1917

DM My Friend Irma Goes WestDM Sailor Beware.jpgDM The Stooge.jpgDM Thats My Boy.jpgDM At War With the Army.jpgDM My Friend Irma.jpgDM You're Never Too WrongDM Some Came Running.jpgDM The Young Lions.jpgDM Ten Thousand Bedrooms.jpgDM Hollywood or Bust.jpgDM Pardners.jpgDM Artists and Models.jpgDM 3 Ring Circus.jpgDM Living it Up.jpgDM Money From Home.jpgDM The Caddy.jpgDM Scared Stiff.jpgDM Road to Bali.jpgDM Jumping Jacks.jpgDM Career.jpgDM Rio Bravo.jpgDM Bells Are Ringing.JPGDM Who Was That Lady.jpgDM Oceans Eleven.jpegDM All in a Night's Work.jpgDM Pepe.jpgDM Sergeants 3.jpgDM Ada.jpgDM The Road to Hong Kong.jpgDM Come Blow Your Horn.jpegDM Somethings Got To Give.jpgDM Toys in the Attic.jpgDM 4 for Texas.jpgDM Whos Got the Action.jpgDM Whos Been Sleeping in My Bed.jpgDM What a Way to Go.jpgDM Robin and the Seven Hoods.jpgDM Kiss Me Stupid.jpgDM The Sons of Katie Elder.jpgDM Marriage on the Rocks.jpgDM Birds Do It.jpgDM The Silencers.jpgDM Texas Across the River.jpgDM Murderers Row.jpgDM Rough Night in Jericho.jpgDM The Ambushers.jpgDM How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your LIfe.jpgDM Bandolero.jpgDM 5 Card Stud.jpgDM The Wrecking Crew.jpgDM Airport.jpgDM Something Big.jpgDM Showdown.jpgDM Mr Ricco.jpegDM Cannonball Run 2.jpgDM The Cannonball Run.jpg

June 7th marks 100 years since the birth of the King of Cool, Little Ol’ Wine Drinker Dean Martin, that icon of midcentury masculinity. A wonderful singer, his comic chops developed with Jerry Lewis and they made a cycle of amusing films culminating in some good work with live-cartoon auteur Frank Tashlin before making a really great impression as a serious actor in The Young Lions and Some Came Running, where he was teamed with Frank Sinatra. He then became part of The Rat Pack, and later in the Sixties was Matt Helm, that spoof spy par excellence. In between he would become master of the sex comedy with regular forays into comedy westerns. His TV show made him part of everyone’s lives and he remains a keen part of the culture through his masterful performances in all these genres. What a career! He may have died Christmas Day 1995 but there are those of us who still raise a glass to celebrate him. Happy birthday, Mr Martin.

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