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Sam Shepard 11/05/1943-07/30/2017

SS Renaldo and Clara.jpgSS Days of Heaven.jpgSS Resurrection.jpgSS Raggedy Man.jpgSS Frances.jpgSS The Right Stuff.jpgSS Paris Texas.jpgSS Country.jpgSS Fool for Love.jpgSS Crimes of the Heart.jpgSS Baby Booom.jpgSS Steel Magnolias.jpgSS Voyager.jpgSS Thunderheart.jpgSS The Pelican Brief.jpgSS All the Pretty Horses.jpgSS The Pledge.jpgSS Swordfish.jpgSS Black Hawk Down.jpgSS Assassination of Jesse James.jpgSS Blackthorn.jpgSS Fair Game.jpgSS Mud.jpgSS Killing Them Softly.jpgSS August Osage County.jpgSS Out of the Furnace.jpgSS Cold in July.jpgSS Klondike TV.jpgSS Ithaca.jpgSS Midnight Special.jpgSS Bloodline.jpg

The death has taken place of the extraordinarily prolific and talented Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, author, screenwriter, actor and director Sam Shepard. He’ll always be Chuck Yeager to me. Rest in peace.

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