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Shuffle the Music!

I’ve been nominated by  William at a1000mistakes to create a playlist which is an idea that originated at  the turntable talk blog dude.

No idea how this is going to work but here goes – a random, off the top of my head list of 15 tracks of music to watch and listen to!


  1. Crazy Horses by The Osmonds because it’s the first song I remember!


2.  School’s Out by Alice Cooper which sums up everything I feel every summer despite all the years that have passed since I left it! Rad!


3. I Feel Love by Donna Summer. This still sounds like it comes from another planet.


4. Surrender by Cheap Trick. One of the great bands and I finally got to see them on their European tour in 2011. They were as thrilling as I always knew they’d be!



5. Can’t Stand Losin’ by The Police. How I loved them!


6. I Got You by Split Enz. Love this new wave stuff. As fresh as the day it was minted.


7. Quiet Life by Japan. David Sylvian. Top of the Pops on Thursday nights. Once upon a time this was everything …



8. Party Fears Two by The Associates. Probably my favourite song of the Eighties. Incredible.



9. Take Me With U by Prince is probably my favourite of all of his – and goodness knows there’s a lot to choose from.


10. Welcome to the Boomtown by David and David. A compelling song about a great city.



11. Never Tear Us Apart by INXS. Simply epic.

12. I’m Not Scared by Eighth Wonder/Pet Shop Boys with Patsy Kensit. Just discotastically perfect.


13. Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr. was a transitional song into another era. Loved them live!



14. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Because for me the music died … You know.



15. And because this is a movie diary I’ve got to put up a score … so it’s Georges Delerue’s theme for Jean Luc Godard’s Le Mepris/Contempt.

Thanks to William for nominating me. I hope the links work … The buck stops here! Goodnight from beneath a very starry sky in the northern hemisphere.



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5 responses to “Shuffle the Music!

  1. William

    WICKED! I knew you had great taste in music too from the things you’ve said about it but this totally proves it!
    I hate to tell you but your suppose to put your own music library on shuffle and write a little about each song that it plays which did do plus I was the first one so far to included the videos until now! But I don’t know care really, you can do whatever you want! I’ve now got to listen all your songs and cheers for playing along and your so quick about it too 🙂

    • Hey there William! I’m on the vampire shift again. I’ve just eaten a sandwich (cos dinner was 7 hours ago…) so I’m back be it ever so briefly. To be honest I don’t do this kinda techie/shuffle thing – I got myself a new record player at Christmas!! – so I just YouTubed some good stuff that I love! Kinda autobiographical in a weird way. Mostly chronological. My stuff is not REMOTELY as cool as yours I’m afraid … I should’ve included Elvis for his anniversary but I blogged about his movies earlier!

      • William

        Fair call and l say why not? It’s still all great stuff and I’m enjoying listening to it alot this morning, I’ve just woke-up and having coffee here! Also I’m really not that cool, you know? and really don’t need caps lock!
        I didn’t know that about Elvis today, I’ll have to get his stuff out and have listen later to him!

  2. William

    All the links worked for me, great listening and your last comment/track so amazing you didn’t just pick 15 soundtracks songs!
    Cheers again!

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