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Margot Kidder 10/17/1948-05/13/2018

Margot Kidder in Superman.jpgMK Gaily Gaily.jpgMK Quackser.jpgMK Nichols.jpgMK Sisters.jpgMK A Quiet Day in Belfast.jpgMK The Dion BrothersMK Black Christmas.jpgMK The Great Waldo Pepper.jpgMK The Reincarnation of Peter Proud.jpgMK 92 in the Shade.jpgMK Superman.jpgMK The Amityville Horror.jpgMK Willie and Phil.jpgMK Superman 2.jpgMK Heartaches.jpgMK Some Kind of Hero.jpgMK Bus Stop.jpgMK Miss Right.jpgMK Trenchcoat.jpgMK Superman 3.jpgMK Superman 4.jpgMK Keeping Track.jpgMK Shell Game.jpgMargot Kidder.jpg

The remarkable actress Margot Kidder has died. While she’s most famous for her Lois Lane to Christopher Reeve’s Superman she endeared herself to some of us with her performances in then boyfriend Brian De Palma’s Sisters and Paul Mazursky’s Willie and Phil, not to mention as Zazel Pierce, the exchange student who falls in love with Dublin City manure collector Gene Wilder in Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx.  Appealing and bright, she fizzed with energy and quickness on the screen in her Seventies and Eighties heyday and was an environmental and anti-war activist. She married a trio of interesting men:  author Thomas McGuane, the father of her daughter;  actor John Heard (for a few days);  and director Philippe de Broca. She made more incursions into TV in recent years but in the main got on with just living, in her own words. RIP.

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