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Happy 103rd Birthday Herman Wouk 27th May 2018!

HW Slatterys Hurricane.jpgHW Her First Romance.jpgHW Confidentially ConnieHW The Caine Mutiny book.jpgHW The Caine Mutiny.jpgHW Marjorie Morningstar.jpgHW Marjorie Morningstar book cover.jpgHW Youngblood HawkeHW The Winds of War.jpgHW War and Remembrance.jpgHerman Wouk

That wise writer Herman Wouk is now celebrating three years into his second century! And what a marvellous and insightful set of books he has provided us over the many years he has been communicating the human experience – including being in the Navy, living through World War Two and what it’s like to be Jewish in midcentury America. My own favourite of his works is probably Marjorie Morningstar which gave Natalie Wood a wonderful part in the title role:¬† I think it’s a bit like coming to the end of a book. The plot’s in its thickest, all the characters are in a mess, but you can see that there aren’t fifty pages left, and you know that the finish can’t be far off. Happy Birthday Mr Wouk. And thank you so much.

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