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Happy 87th Birthday William Goldman 12th August 2018!

WG Soldier in the Rain.jpgWG MasqueradeWG Harper.jpgWG No Way to Treat a Lady.jpgWG Butch Cassidy posterWG The Hot Rock.jpgWG Papillon.jpgWG The Stepford Wives.jpgWG The Great Waldo Pepper.jpgWG All the Presidents.jpgWG Marathon Man.jpgWG A Bridge Too Far.jpgWG Magic.jpgWG Mr Horn.jpgWG Butch Early.jpgWG Heat.jpgWG Princess Bride.jpgWG Misery.jpgWG Memoirs of an Invisible Man.jpgWG Year of the Comet.jpgWG Chaplin.jpgWG Maverick.jpgWG The Chaber.jpgWG Ghost and the Darkness.jpgWG Fierce Creatures.jpgWG ABsolute Power.jpgWG The Generals Daughter.jpgWG Hearts in Atlantis.jpgWG Dreamcatcher#WG Wild Card.jpgWG Your Turn to Curtsy.jpgWG Princess Bride book.jpgWG The Thing of it is.jpgWG Adventures in the Screen Trade.jpgWG Boys and Girls Together.jpgWG No Way to Treat a Lady book cover.jpgWG Which LieWG Marathon Man book.jpgWG The Silent Gondoliers.jpgWG The Color of Light.jpgWG Four Screenplays.jpgWG Hype and GloryWG The Season.jpgWG BrothersWG Magic Book.jpgWG Heat Book.jpgWG The Big Picture.jpgWG TinselWG Five Screenplays.jpgWG Wigger.jpgWG Fathers Day.jpgWilliam Goldman.jpg

Many happy returns to the multi-talented and prolific screenwriter, novelist, playwright and non-fiction author (and chronicler of the scripter’s woes), Mr William Goldman, who turns 87 today. Just look at that career!

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