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Happy 60th Birthday Madeleine Stowe 18th August 2018!

MS The Nativity.jpgMS Beulah Land TV.jpgMS Gangster Wars.jpgMS Stakeout.jpgMS Tropical Snow.jpgMS Worth Winning 2.jpgMS Revenge.jpgMS The Two Jakes.jpgMS Closet Land.jpgMS Unlawful Entry.jpgMS Last of the Mohicans.jpgMS Another Stakeout.jpgMS Short Cuts.jpgMS China Moon.jpgMS Blinnk.jpgMS Bad Girls.jpgMS Twelve MonkeysMS The Proposition.jpgMS Playing By Heart.jpgMS The Generals Daughter.jpgMS Impostor.jpgMS We Were Soldiers.jpgMS The Magnificent Ambersons.jpgMS Avenging Angelo.jpgMS Pulse.jpgMS Saving Milly.jpgMS Raines TV.jpgMS Revenge TV.jpgMadeleine Stowe.jpg

The stunning actress Madeleine Stowe celebrates her 60th birthday today. An auteur favourite in the Nineties, she was in films by Robert Altman, Terry Gilliam and Jack Nicholson before appearing in one of the great Hollywood classics directed by Michael Mann, that magnificent action picture The Last of the Mohicans. Most recently she has starred as the femme fatale in the glamorous TV series Revenge (sharing the title of her terrifically sexy thriller for Tony Scott years earlier). Many happy returns!

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