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Burt Reynolds 02/11/1936-09/06/2018

BR Riverboat.jpgBR Gunsmoke.jpgBR Hawk.jpgBR Dan August.jpgBR Navajo Joe.jpgBR 100 Rifles.jpgBR Sam Whiskey.jpgBR Deliverance.jpgBR Everything You Always.jpgBR Shamus.jpgBR The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing.jpgBR White Lightning.jpgBR The Longest Yard.jpgBR At Long Last Love.jpgBR WW Dixie.jpgBR Lucky Lady.jpgBR Hustle.jpgBR Silent Movie.jpgBR Gabor.jpgBR Nickelodeon.jpgBR Smoky and the Bandit.jpgBR Semi Tough 2.jpgBR The EndBR Hooper.jpgBR Starting Over.jpgBR Rough Cut.jpgBR Smoky 2.jpgBR The Cannonball RunBR Paternity.jpgBR Sharkys Machine.jpgBR The Best Little Whorehouse.jpgBR Best Friends.jpgBR Stroker Ace.jpgBR Smoky 3.jpgBR The Man Who Loved Women.jpgBR Cannonball Run 2.jpgBR City HeatBR Stick.jpgBR Heat.jpgBR Shattered.jpgBR Malone.jpgBR Rent a Cop.jpgBR Switching Channels.jpgBR Physical Evidence.jpgBR Breaking In.jpgBR All Dogs go to Heaven.jpgBR Modern Love.jpgBR BL Stryker.jpgBR The Player.jpgBR Cop and a Half.jpgBR The Man From Left Field.jpgBR Evening Shade.jpgBR The Maddening.jpgBR Citizen Ruth 2.jpgBR StripteaseBR Frankenstein and Me.jpgBR Mad Dog Time.jpgBR Raven.jpgBR The Cherokee Kid.jpgBR Meet Wally Sparks.jpgBR Bean.jpgBR Boogie Nights.jpgBR Big City Blues.jpgBR Big Six.jpg

BR Mystery Alaska.jpgBR The Final Hhit.jpgBR Driven.jpgBR The Hollywood Sign.jpgBR History Vs Hollywood.jpgBR Snapshots.jpgBR Time of the Wolf.jpgBR Johnson County War.jpgBR Without a Paddle 2.jpgBR The Longest Yard remake.jpgBR The Dukes of Hazzard movie.jpgBR Hitting the Breaks.jpgBR The Last Movie STar.jpgBurt Reynolds reading a script.jpgBurt Reynolds Deliverance.jpgBurt Reynolds Gunsmoke.jpg

Burt Reynolds Smokey.jpgBurt Reynolds 70sBurt Reynolds Hal N Stan B Nascar.jpgBurt Reynolds directing.jpg

Burt Reynolds Longest Yard.jpg

Burt and Sally.jpgBurt Reynolds dreamingBR Ask Me What I Am album.jpgBR My Life Memoir.jpgBurt Reynolds memoir

Burt Bandit.jpgWhat can you say about Burt Reynolds that hasn’t already been said? A charming good ol’ boy persona made him the biggest star on the planet, just about, between 1973 and 1980. Beloved by crews because he only acted when his football career went south following an injury, he became a favourite of stuntmen, especially Hal Needham, who knew he was the right guy for Smokey and the Bandit. A household name since Gunsmoke. Sexy but earnestly likable. A bit dangerous looking without the ‘tache. Possibly part-Cherokee, he played a Native American detective in TV’s Hawk. He admitted in his memoir he didn’t push himself and rejected the serious roles or the ones that might have made him stratospheric – like Han Solo.  All the while his Southern wisecracking roles filled theatres. He liked a good time. But he also liked to direct, and made Sharky’s Machine, amongst others. Editing his own performances made him a better actor. He liked his female co-stars to play strong characters in their own right. Illness following an accident on City Heat depleted him and people deserted him in droves. He proved his comic chops on his return to TV in the show that reinstated his stardom, Evening Shade. The role of the porno king in Boogie Nights reinvigorated his movie career after a startlingly good appearance in Striptease. Far from retreating to some gated mansion he kept acting, even in films that weren’t great or even good – and there were dozens of them.  But he was appreciated by the auteur directors for whom he was charismatic, smirking, lusty, reliable, and pretty unforgettable. He was about to star for Tarantino (christened after Burt’s character in Gunsmoke) in what would undoubtedly have been another phase in his fifty-plus years of stardom. But now he is gone. Burt Reynolds, we loved you. Rest in peace.



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2 responses to “Burt Reynolds 02/11/1936-09/06/2018

  1. ozflicks

    A nice tribute for a nice guy. Well said.

  2. Terrible loss. I was really conscious of him as a kid. Seemed like he was just always around and he actually grew as an actor. Love the story about him and Clint Eastwood getting fired from their western shows Gunsmoke and Rawhide the same day, and meeting in the parking lot where Reynolds said he’d have to go to acting school (Eastwood’s neck was too scrawny). It’s very sad.

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