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Happy 50th Birthday Hugh Jackman 12th October 2018!

HJ The Rat TamerHJ Erskineville Kings.jpgHJ Paperback Hero.jpgHJ Oklahoma.jpgHJ Dukales Dream.jpgHJ Someone Like YouHJ XMen.jpgHJ Swordfish.jpgHJ Kate and Leopold.jpgHJ X2.jpgHJ Van Helsin.jpgHJ Van Helsing London Assignment.jpgHJ Stories of Lost Souls.jpgHJ Happy Feet.jpgHJ Flushed Away.jpgHJ The Prestige.jpgHJ The Fountain.jpgHJ Scoop.jpgHJ XMen The last Stand.jpgHJ Australia.jpgHJ XMen Origins Wolverine.jpgHJ DeceptionHJ Snowflower.jpgHJ ButterHJ Real Steel.jpgHJ Rise of the Guardians.jpgHJ Les Mis.jpgHJ Movie 43.jpgHJ Wolverine.jpgHJ Prisoners.jpgHJ XMen Days of Future Past.jpgHJ Chappie.jpgHJ Pan.jpgHJ Eddie the EagleHJ Logan.jpgHJ The Greatest Showman.jpgHJ The Front Runner.jpg

A birthday shout out to everyone’s best mate in the movies and The Greatest Showman, the multi-talented Mr Hugh Jackman!

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