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River Phoenix 23 August 1970-31 October 1993

RP ExplorersRP Stand By Me.jpgRP Surviving.jpgRP Circle of Violence.jpgRP Mosquito Coast.jpgRP A Night in the Life.jpgRP Dogfight.jpgRP Running On Empty.jpgRP IJ and the Last Crusade.jpgRP LIttle Nikita.jpgRP Sneakers.jpgRP I Love You to DeathRP My Own Private Idaho#.jpgRP The Thing Called Love.jpgRP Silent Tongue.jpgRP Dark Blood.jpgRiver Phoenix bw.jpg

Of all the beautiful boys of his generation, he was the one who meant the most: the most intense, the most intriguing, the most talented, the one who mattered.  I cried openly after seeing Running On Empty as I have never done at another film. It may seem paradoxical to state that this was a performance of unique authenticity. It moved me. River Phoenix died 25 years ago aged just 23. It was and remains an utterly tragic death, a terrible loss to acting and cinema. Gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace River.

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3 responses to “River Phoenix 23 August 1970-31 October 1993

  1. I thought he was the best actor of his generation! He was like a wounded soul. His brother, Joaquin, is great, but River was unique.

  2. It affects me every year on this night. I was out on Sunset and all the Halloween parties that night – saw all what was going on – but never knew it was him till the next day. Broke me. #RIPRiver

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