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Bernardo Bertolucci 16th March 1941-26th November 2018

Accatone.jpgThe Grim ReaperBefore the RevolutionLa via del petroloiio.jpgHow to Win a Billioin.jpgPartner.jpgOnce Upon a Time in the West.jpgLove and Anger.jpgThe Conformist.jpgThe Spiders Stratagem lge.jpgLast Tango in Paris 2.jpgLast Tango in Paris1900Luna.jpgTragedy of a Ridiculous Man.jpgThe Last Emperor.jpgThe Sheltering Sky.jpgLittle BuddhaStealing Beauty.jpgBesieged.jpgTen Minutes Older.jpgThe Dreamers.jpgMe and You.jpgThe Triump of Love.jpgVenice 70.jpg

The film world has lost a poet. Bernardo Bertolucci has died. Equal parts sensualist, political animal and historian, his films frequently courted controversy but he was a true man of the twentieth century – engaged and enraged since his earliest days as Pasolini’s assistant, a romantic visionary in his own right, a Marxist, a dramatist making the cinematic link between eroticism and fascism. If The Conformist is the perfect statement about modern man’s detached disposition, it is an extraordinary analysis of abstract style made by a filmmaker of grave passions.  While Last Tango in Paris is a sorrowful inquisition into the behaviour of a grieving misogynist, The Last Emperor brought people to the cinema who only go once a decade:  a work of staggering beauty, made with regular collaborator, cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, with unprecedented footage of The Forbidden City telling the compelling story of a simple man adrift in a world of complexity.  1900 is a sympathetic portrait of Italy reawakening from its slumbers; while The Dreamers is a bittersweet account of the 1968 generation and the sexual awakening of adolescents discovering their political place in a world of tumult. Farewell to one of the greats. Addio a un maestro.

I left the ending ambiguous, because that is the way life is.
I don’t film messages. I let the post office take care of those.
I think that I used to love Hollywood movies. I remember great phases and moments. But, unfortunately, now is not the moment.
The Conformist JLTLast Tango Maria Marlon.jpgBernardo Bertolucci.jpeg

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2 responses to “Bernardo Bertolucci 16th March 1941-26th November 2018

  1. A master of his craft! 1900 is my favorite, but love most of his films …

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