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Sondra Locke 05/28/1944-11/03/2018

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Any Which Way You Can SL.jpgRosie.jpgSudden Impact.jpgRatboy.jpgImpulse.jpgDeath in Small Doses.jpgTrading Favors 1997.jpgClean and Narrow.jpgThe Prophets Game.jpgRay Meets Helen.jpgSondra Locke memoir.jpgSondra Locke.jpg

The death has been announced of the actress Sondra Locke, who is forever associated with long-time boyfriend Clint Eastwood, a relationship that complicated her life legally and professionally. When it ended she had a sham development deal at Warners supposedly orchestrated by Eastwood which yielded no work, a catastrophic situation sympathetically described by Patrick McGilligan in his biography of Eastwood. The ensuing lawsuits became ‘good faith’ case law precedents. As well as being a talented and charismatic actor she became a serious and distinctive director, most successfully with her debut, Ratboy (1986), then with Theresa Russell in the thriller Impulse (1990). May she rest in peace.

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2 responses to “Sondra Locke 05/28/1944-11/03/2018

  1. I just read this on twitter and it made me sad. Eastwood put her through hell – and being a strong woman – she recovered and lead her life albiet being banned from the industry because of him.

    • It was very costly for Pat McGilligan to cover the story in a way that was sympathetic to Locke. Eastwood sued the pants off him. She really did suffer, the poor woman. I wish she’d directed more.

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