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Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)

You didn’t time-travel to the future and your wives aren’t from mediaeval England. The ruler of the future aka The Great Leader (Holland Taylor) tells best friends and now middle-aged San Dimas rockers Bill S. Preston Esq. (Alex Winter) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) they must compose a new song to save life as we know it. But instead of writing it, and with time and space in danger of collapse in 77 minutes and 25 seconds, and their marriages to the mediaeval princesses Elizabeth (Erinn Hayes) and Joanna (Jayma Mays) in trouble, they decide to travel through time guided by future messenger Kelly (Kristen Schaal) the daughter of the Leader and the late Rufus (George Carlin who appears in hologram form) to steal it from their older selves. Meanwhile, their young daughters Theodora ‘Thea’ Preston (Samara Weaving) and Wilhelmina ‘Billie’ Logan (Brigette Lundy-Paine) take it upon themselves to travel too and they devise their own musical scheme to help their fathers bring harmony to the universe … As much as I dislike those versions of us, I like these uses. Those most excellent time-travelling comic sci fi dudes return to party on!!! and thirty-plus years later they and their be-attitude are welcome a mere 13 years after this sequel began being conceptualised and almost thirty years after the release of Bogus Journey. The gang’s all here – including multiply-married Missy (Amy Stoch), Ted’s dad (Hal Landon Jr.) and even Death (William Sadler) makes a reappearance to do his endless bass solo – with the addition of the junior miss mini-me Bill and Teds who are the real heroines of the hour and twenty, to infinity and beyond. Colourful, silly, immensely likeable and zipping through history at the speed of light with the sureness of goodness and sweetness guiding Jimi Hendrix, Mozart, Louis Armstrong and even (for a bit) Dave Grohl to universal oneness, Written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. Directed by Dean Parisot. In case you’re wondering, I’m essentially an infinite me

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