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Happy 70th Birthday Kathryn Bigelow 27th November 2021!

With her stunning aesthetic, trademark action cutting and cinematic intelligence, artist, actress, screenwriter, director and producer Kathryn Bigelow first attracted our attention with her debut The Loveless a beautiful outlaw biker art film that was all kinds of fetish to the point that one critic commented, Genet would have loved it. With strong male and female protagonists and cult stylings, it was Point Break that finally sent her mega, an exhilarating surf film that broke the genre out of the low budget kitsch realm. In between films in a career that has seen her spend years between productions, she shot music videos and TV and did some teaching and returned to the masculine realm of brilliantly executed and exciting yet serious thrillers, minus the kind of denigrating humour that plagues that kind of filmmaking. She was finally rewarded with an Academy Award for directing The The Hurt Locker, a stunning representation of contemporary warfare. She doesn’t make enough films but what she makes are simply great and they are on her terms. Many happy returns to a modern classicist.

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