Comanche Station (1960)

Comanche Station.jpeg

A man does one thing, one thing in his life he could look back on… go proud. That’s enough. Anyway, that’s what my pa used to say. When solitary cowboy Jefferson Cody (Randolph Scott) hears tales of a white woman living as a captive of the Comanche tribe, he rides deep into the tribe’s territory to exchange goods for her freedom. As Cody escorts the captive woman away, he learns that she is Nancy Lowe (Nancy Gates), and that there is a sizable reward offered by her husband for her return. Cody and Mrs. Lowe must brave ruthless bounty hunters led by Ben Lane (Claude Akins) greedy for the reward, as well as the now-warring Comanches, to make it to safety but the reward for Mrs Lowe is ‘dead or alive’ … If they cut our track, it’s gonna put us between a rock and a hard place. The final collaboration between director Budd Boetticher with writer Burt Kennedy and star Scott, this has all the tropes of their previous work, including the marvellous setting of Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills in California. Scott is taciturn, the action is confined and taut, the mountainous locale expressive, the jeopardy well maintained and there’s a marvellous final twist in this particularly twisty tale about very different men who think they can change their lives if only one financial element is altered. The final film in the Ranown cycle. A lot of money has a way of making a man all greed inside

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

The Bounty_hunter_poster

There are some things that just cannot be explained by finer minds than mine: life, the universe and everything. And Gerard Butler. In what parallel universe did casting agents, producers and directors decide that he should have a screen career? Ho hum. So this starts very promisingly with his ex-wife, reporter Jennifer Aniston, in the boot of his car. There’s a bounty on her head because she skipped a court appearance to chase a lead on a story that leads to crooked cops after a drugs haul. And he’s the guy stuck with bringing her in. Then we flash back to the previous 24 hours and as they unroll with chases, murder attempts and a kidnapping, the former couple’s relationship is revisited, revised and a whole lotta injuries are unleashed among a very fun cast:  Jason Sudeikis, Peter Greene, Cathy Moriarty, Christine Baranski, Jeff Garlin and Carol Kane. Sometimes the ingredients in a film just don’t quite mesh, but this didn’t deserve the bad press, even if Gerard Butler is the co-star. Stick with it!

Domino (2005)

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The story of gorgeous film star Laurence Harvey’s model turned bounty hunter daughter was always going to attract attention. Written by Richard Kelly on screenplay duties for director Tony Scott (late, lamented) this is told in an exhilarating style.  Scott had known Harvey for 12 years at the point that it went into production. The business with her father (clips from The Manchurian Candidate) is dealt with early on and the date of his death and other aspects are fabricated; while her mother (Jacqueline Bisset) participates in the decision to make a reality show when Domino has made her name in the bounty game. There are digressions about race (hilarious), prison, guns, nunchucks… you name it.The pity is that its subject did not survive to see it, dying of a painkiller overdose while trying to clear her name of drug trafficking.