Arabian Nights (1942)

Arabian Nights movie poster.jpg

This is the crazy-assed camp fest that inspired the great Parker Tyler to commit ink to paper, and thank goodness for that. Queen of Technicolor and underground gay icon Maria Montez is Scheherazade, who, along with Sinbad (Shemp Howard), Aladdin (John Qualen) and an acrobat, Ali Ben Ali  (Sabu) help the real caliph of Baghdad, Haroun al-Rashid (Jon Hall) regain his throne. And as you will have guessed, Turhan Bey is on hand as Captain of the Guard. Oh, the larks! Funny, exotic stuff, imagined (as opposed to adapted) by Michael Hogan with additional dialogue by True Boardman, one of those Hollywood mini-legends who exercise me so much. Montez, Hall and Sabu went on to appear together again in Cobra Woman and White Savage. Fabulous!