28 Days (2000)


Don’t you just love Sandra Bullock? What a star. And if you’ve got it, flaunt it, having to choose between Dominic West and Viggo Mortensen in this rehab-set tragicomedy. She’s party girl and writer Gwen (a wilder SJP? Wasn’t that her name in Miami Rhapsody?) who wrecks her sister’s wedding and gets a choice between jail and … you guessed it. She shares a room with a teenage self-harmer and soap opera addict, almost gets booted out for getting out of it again when West visits with drink and pills and has to go cold turkey to stay and finally gets to know her fellow inmates.  All human life is here, the tone is pretty well managed by director Betty Thomas from a script by Susannah Grant and it really taps into those Prozac Nation confessionals that were doing the rounds of all the publishing houses at the time. Bullock is terrific in a tricky role and she really is the whole show.