Abbas Kiarostami 22 June 1940-4 July 2016

AK Close-UpAK Like Someone in LoveAK ShirinAK Taste of CherryAK Through the Olive Trees

One thing you find in LA is there’s a helluva lot of Iranian and Iraqi taxi drivers and they are uniquely honoured (surprised, even) when you discuss the plight of their countries’ filmmakers who frequently work under the cosh of a demented fascist leadership. Iranian Abbas Kiarostami was a polymath who wrote, photographed and directed (not just features but shorts and documentaries) but mostly, he said of himself, he was ‘a story listener.’┬áHe told beautiful and ironically subversive parables necessitated by political censorship but had a particular brilliance at looking at the world from the perspective of a child. Kiarostami’s death has been announced in a year which has been a cull of some of the most gifted creative people on the planet. RIP.