The Bounty Hunter (2010)

The Bounty_hunter_poster

There are some things that just cannot be explained by finer minds than mine: life, the universe and everything. And Gerard Butler. In what parallel universe did casting agents, producers and directors decide that he should have a screen career? Ho hum. So this starts very promisingly with his ex-wife, reporter Jennifer Aniston, in the boot of his car. There’s a bounty on her head because she skipped a court appearance to chase a lead on a story that leads to crooked cops after a drugs haul. And he’s the guy stuck with bringing her in. Then we flash back to the previous 24 hours and as they unroll with chases, murder attempts and a kidnapping, the former couple’s relationship is revisited, revised and a whole lotta injuries are unleashed among a very fun cast:  Jason Sudeikis, Peter Greene, Cathy Moriarty, Christine Baranski, Jeff Garlin and Carol Kane. Sometimes the ingredients in a film just don’t quite mesh, but this didn’t deserve the bad press, even if Gerard Butler is the co-star. Stick with it!