Bad Boys (1983)

Bad Boys poster.jpg

This film was trailed every week in my local cinema when I was a kid … and I was too young to see it when it finally got screened because it was restricted to Over 18s.   Thirtysomething years later, it seems as fresh as it must have done then, with Sean Penn playing a teen who gets mixed up in an incident that goes drastically wrong and ends up running over the kid brother of his high school rival, a hardcore crim, Paco Moreno. He winds up in a state juvenile facility which is not unlike a prison and makes it to the top of the pack – when his rival rapes his girlfriend (Ally Sheedy) and almost shoots her and winds up … inside, with him. It is a fight to the death, pretty much – as the poster tells us. Great storytelling by writer Richard Di Lello and directing from Rick Rosenthal. Sean Penn. Wonder what happened to him?