Foul Play (1978)

Foul Play poster.jpg

Beware the dwarf! I just love Goldie Hawn. And I love pretty much every single thing she’s ever done: now how many actors or actresses can you say that about? Seeing her puts a smile on my face. And this Hitchcockian farce from the pen of Colin Higgins is screamingly funny. She’s quiet divorced librarian Gloria Mundy who picks up Scotty (Bruce Solomon), a hitchhiker with a roll of film concealed in his cigarette packet, and gets embroiled in a plot to assassinate the Pope in San Francisco. There’s an albino killer, a dangerous dwarf, a snake owned by resourceful neighbour Mr Hennessy (Burgess Meredith), a sexy cop Tony Carlson (Chevy Chase) and a most unseemly setup at the Catholic bishopric with the Archbishop (Eugene Roche) and Miss Casswell (Rachel Roberts). There’s a brilliant sidebar relationship with sex addict Stanley (Dudley Moore), regular interludes with a fellow librarian Stella (Marilyn Sokol) who’s convinced every man is after her for sex; and all the while Goldie is trying not to get killed for something she knows nothing about. It’s laugh-a-minute hilarity from the get-go with Barry Manilow’s songs to soothe the fevered brow as the antics proceed at breathtaking pace performed with gusto by a wonderful cast. A must-see.