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Happy 79th Birthday Ali MacGraw 1st April 2018!

AMG A Lovely Way to Die.jpgAMG Goodbye Columbus.jpgAMG Love Story theatrical.jpgAMG The Getaway.jpgAMG Convoy.jpgAMG Players theatrical.jpgAMG Just Tell Me What You Want.jpgAMG The Winds of War.jpgAMG China Rose.jpgAMG Dynasty.jpgMurder Elite theatrical.jpgAMG Survive the Savage Sea.jpgAMG Natural Causes.jpgAMG GlamAMG The Kid Stays in the Picture.jpgAMG Moving Pictures book.jpgAli McGraw.jpgAMG fashion early.jpgAMG Love Story fashion.jpgAMG style.jpgAMG silver jewellery.jpgAMG backless dress.jpgAMG turquoise.jpgAMG contemporary icon.jpg

The stunning Ali MacGraw turns 79 today! Actress, stylist, interior decorator, model, wife, mother, memoirist, cover girl, style icon, animal rights activist, she made an incredible impact on cinema and was the world’s top female star in 1972, beloved of many. Her rare film and TV appearances are always worth watching but she has carved out another career, as yoga practitioner, and her bestselling video is believed to have been largely responsible for making it popular in the US.  Famous for her marriages to Robert Evans and Steve McQueen, she is her own woman and a true star. Many happy returns!

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