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This is Spinal Tap (1984)

This is Spinal Tap poster.jpg

The original semi-improvised spoof rock documentary made by some hellishly talented people including Rob Reiner playing a version of Martin Scorsese on the trail of a metal/prog band who sing songs not awfully unlike … a lot of bad 70s bands (but not The Band). There are some funny things here and it’s a movie I recall with fondness … but it’s never as good as you hope and most of the jokes are verbal (including the running gag about the terrible deaths of their drummers:  do you remember all of  them?!) although the best are situational. So many rockers related to this it was more on the money than most would care to admit. Aerosmith had just brought out an album with Stonehenge on the cover! The trouble is, it’s so realistic because most bands really are that thick. Aren’t they? They say:  it’s a fine line between stupid and clever. We say: not so much… The true story of Anvil is actually tragicomic by comparison while the sight of James Hetfield on a bear hunt in the Metallica film Some Kind of Monster is tragic, full stop.

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